A new era of personalised medicine: or how I got myself sequenced for free!

13th May medicinegenetics

I should probably say that my primary reason for signing up to a stem cell donor registry is to actually be a donor! This data is generated as a byproduct of signing up and is also quite interesting on a personal level. I was thinking that framing it in a way to also find out interesting things abou...

Experience as a BAME person working in a hospital during COVID

30th Jan medicine

I'm a doctor! (ish) Since last June, a lot of things happened. I finished my PhD and passed my viva! I'm now a doctor! That is, of the PhD kind. I'm still working on becoming a doctor of the medical kind, and I have one-and-a-half years left of Clinical School at Cambridge. I had a grant total of on...

Interview simulator for medicine

19th Nov medicineinterview

I've always found that the best way to practice for an interview is to record myself answering questions, playing it back, then reflecting on how I could improve. I recently did some work with a charity for widening access to studying medicine and made them an interview simulator that allows you to ...

Neurotransmitters: not like filling up a cup

19th Jun medicineneuroscience

In the wider community (and in medicine) I often see drugs that affect the brain be misunderstood. A popular idea seems to be that our brain is a cup full of some amount of serotonin, when we are depressed it means we have less of it and that when we take an SSRI, we increase how much we have in our...

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